Double Bachelor's degree: Degree in Geography and Degree in Tourism


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  • Access profile

Admission requirements

The income profile of future Geography students should have the following profile:

    - Basic knowledge in Human and Social Sciences.
    - Critical analysis capacity.
    - Good observation skills
    - Ease of oral and written expression.
    - Provision for field work.
    - Notions of computer science and English language.
    - Social and cultural sensitivity.

But, in addition, students with a Bachelor of Science degree could also be included as a suitable entry profile for the Double Degree; students with an interest in the environmental sustainability of different ecosystems in danger of disappearing, who possess basic knowledge of Geology, Biology, Physics, Statistics, etc.

The CIC (Inter-university Council of Catalonia) is the organisation which coordinates the university system in Catalonia and acts as an advisory organisation for the Government of Catalonia in university-related topics. It is formed by representatives from all the public and private universities in Catalonia.

The coordination of the university admissions processes is one of the CIC's strategic priorities. It aims to ensure that students who come from sixth form college and students who are 25 or older have their admission considered based on principles of equality, personal merits and abilities. Furthermore, the CIC must ensure equal oportunities in the assignment of the university studies among students.
The University of Lleida has developed an Tutoring Programme (Néstor), which aims to support students in their fundamental formation through personal, academic and professional orientation. The objective of this is to give students the opportunity to make the right choices during their Degrees, as future professionals and citizens.


  • Exit profile (Professional attributions and/or regulated professions)

The careers specifically related or derived from the Degree in Geography and Spatial Planning are:
     1. To be able to analyse and understand the territorial, socioeconomic and environmental processes:
         • To be conscious of the territorial and social problems in order to solve them
         • To be able to read the landscape from the sediment of time and human action
         • To detext the connection and interaction of the phenomena in the space
     2. To learn techniques and methords of diagnosis and intervention:
         • To select and critically analyse documentation and information
         • To be able to read and create maps
         • To assess local resources and to contribute to the territorial development
         • To create reports and territorial diagnosis
         • To diagnose territorial weaknesses and potentialities sites
     3. To know how territorial processes are planned and managed:
         • To manage spaces and natural resources
         • To plan the usage of soil and the urban and territorial characteristics  
         • To identify the ideal localisation for a human activity
         • To be able to characterise the personality of each place


  •  Number of places available
Double Bachelor's Degree - Degree in Geography / Degree in Tourism
University of Lleida Public University 10 places

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  • Ways of access, options and minimum grades

The access criteria is the following:

  • Students who have passed PAU and similar
  • Students with technical titulation of Professional Formation (FP)
  • Students with foreign studies
  • University students and similar
  • Students who have passed the over 25 Access test
  • Students who are 45 or older

In order to check the convalidation between ECTS university credits and Higher Level Training (FP)  please click [here]


Double Bachelor's Degree - Degree in Geography / Degree in Tourism
Mínimum grades (*)  
University Acess Test / CFGS and FP 5.000
University students 5.000
Students over 25 5.000
Students over 40 and 45 5.000
                         (*) You can consult mínimum grades for degrees from catalan
universities by clicking [here]


  • Subjects to improve your access grade

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  • Pre-registration and admission procedures

University pre-registration is a coordinated system of students distribution which ensures equalty of conditions in the first year registration and admission process of any Degree study. Students interested in the access to a Degree course at the University of Lleida will have to pre-register during the period established by the Catalan Government. 

Prescriptions must be applied via internet, following the link: